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Charter Boat Fishing in Destin, Florida

Welcome to Charter Boat Fishing Destin, your local fishing charter experts. 
 Here at Charter Boat Fishing Destin we have several charter fishing boats that provide a variety of fishing services.

Deep Sea, Gulf, Bottom Fishing in Destin

The most popular fishing in Destin is bottom fishing.  When bottom fishing in Destin, the captain takes you to places where there is structure on the bottom.  Fish live in and around this structure.  The captain holds position above the structure and the fishermen drop their lines to the bottom.  Your captain may stop at several bottom spots during your trip.  The most common fish caught while bottom fishing in Destin include a variety of snappers, trigger, grouper, amberjack, etc. 

Shared Fishing Charters

$149-159 per person half day 6 hour trip. 8 to 25 passengers on this trip. This is a great trip for a great price. If you don’t want to be on the boat with 65 people but really don’t want to fork out the dough for a private charter either, then this is the trip for you. Bottom fishing for a variety of Snappers, Porgies, Mingo, Sea Bass, etc. Fish are shared on this trip.

Party Boat Fishing Charters

Special $89 to $99 per person depending on which trip you choose. This is an excellent introduction to fishing our beautiful Gulf of Mexico aboard the party boat “Vera Marie”.

Party Boats (aka Head Boats) are generally larger boats that accommodate a large number of fishermen. Destin Party Boats primarily bottom fish. They are great for customers that don’t mind larger groups and baiting their own hooks. Party Boats are a good affordable way to have a great time fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

With generations of charter fishing experience, Pelican Adventures has the knowledge and time investment to give you an excellent fishing adventure.

Fishing license, bait, tackle, rod and reel, and fish cleaning are included. You may want to bring a 6 pack cooler with food, drinks, hand towel, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, and 1st Timers may want less drowsy motion sickness pills. Pelican Adventures office staff is here to answer any other questions you may have. Call us at 850-650-3825.

Swordfishing and Deep Dropping

Are you ready to go after the Mac Daddy of all fish in the Sea? Are you looking for the ultimate trophy with great table fare to boot? Do you have the patience to wait out the Big One? Can you go for hours without a bite for the chance to catch the Biggest, Baddest fish of a lifetime? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are a great candidate for Swordfishing aboard the charter boat “Deep Obsession”.

Swordfishing takes patience and determination. There’s a chance you could come home empty handed. I’ve had trips that we didn’t even get a bite on after soaking baits for several long hours. However, I have also had trips where we caught several awesome swordfish on one trip creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We fish for Swordfish in anywhere from 1200′ to over 2000′ deep water. We have landed some swordfish in less than thirty minutes. Others we had to battled for extended hours to land. Either way, when you get that bite, then that line tight, and finally see that awesome sword extrude from the sea… Well there’s no other adrenaline rush that comes close.

Best of all, now on the “Deep Obsession”, we are able to do this trip in half the time that it used to take us, saving the customer a ton of money and time.

My commitment to you the valued customer: When you pay for this trip, you are paying for 10 hours. This usually equates to roughly 4 or 5 hours of run time (2 running out and 2 return) and 5 or 6 hours at the fishing grounds. If we do not catch a Swordfish in that allotted time then I will add up to 3 hours at the fishing grounds. that’s a 50% increase in actual fishing time ($700 value) at no extra cost to you.

So stop wishing let’s

go fishing – Click that Book Now button and let’s make it happen.

Destin Shark Fishing

If you’re an “Adrenaline Junkie”, you might enjoy Shark Fishing.  Destin Florida is famous for Big Bull Sharks.  Shark Fishing in Destin, Florida is done in several different ways.  The most common way is anchoring the boat where the sharks hang out and chumming the water with bloody fish carcasses. Common types of sharks in our area include Bull, Black Tip, Sand Bar, and Mako.  Shark Fishing is a bait and wait game.  Shark fishing is not for impatient customers.  You can go for long periods without a bite or even come home empty handed.  With that said, with a little luck on your side, you can experience the adrenaline rush of a life time.

Site Fishing in Destin

Another great Destin, Florida fishing adventure is sight fishing.  Sight Fishing is a lot like hunting.  The most popular Sight Fishing in the Destin, Florida area is for Cobia.  The best time of the year for Cobia is March and April.  The captain will drive up and down the shore line in areas he feels the fish will be migrating.  Other common types of Sight Fishing include Red Fish, Sharks, and Triple Tail.

Trolling in Destin

Last but certainly not least we have Trolling.  Destin Florida has some of the most awesome trolling in the world.  Trolling is a method of fishing where lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water in order to entice fish to bite.  Types of fish often caught in Destin Florida include Mahi Mahi, Spanish & King Mackerel and Wahoo.  On long trips, Swordfish, Marlins, and Tunas can be caught

We look forward to doing business/pleasure with you.  You can count on us here at Charter Boat Fishing Destin.  We are very well established, family owned and operated and we have a courteous staff ready to answer any questions you might have.